Emmanuel Church of God in Christ 
is becoming a positive force in the community of believers!

Please consider joining us and  partnering with our ministry?

Emmanuel Church of God in Christ is becoming a positive force in the community of believers. It has already begun its trek towards that goal by being a living model of servanthood in urban ministry.

The progressive spirit of this church began years ago when the first pastor, Elder Emile Smith, drew up divinely inspired plans for building a church adequate enough to serve the congregation as well as the community. Those plans lay dormant, hidden and forgotten for years. Almost by accident, they were discovered a few years ago by the current pastor, Elder Smith, in the church's organ stool. This valuable find was given to an architect who revised the original blueprints so that they would be more accommodating to the needs of the present congregation. Outreach services will continue and be enhanced once the new structure has been built. Human needs in the urban community such as poverty, hunger, homelessness, A.I.D.S., drugs, crime and violence are just a few of the issues which are being addressed by Emmanuel even now.

PARTNERS:   If God has placed on your heart to assist us in our mission, we would be glad to hear from you.  Your tax-deductible contributions will help us to meet and triumph over the challenges God has placed before us.  Also, we have several ministry offers that will enable you to support Emmanuel's outreach endeavors so that those who really want to do so, can get a fresh start in life.

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Emmanuel Church of God in Christ
515 Kirby Hill Road
Fort Washington, MD. 20744